Gold Wars: The Battle Against Sound Money As Seen From A Swiss Perspective by Ferdinand Lips

Gold Wars: The Battle Against Sound Money As Seen From A Swiss Perspective
304 pages/ ISBN 0-9710380-0-7 By Ferdinand Lips, Edited by Larry Parks

Gold Wars deals with gold’s history, the gold rushes and the abandonment of gold-as-money under the modern welfare/warfare state. It shows how governments, fearing the affinity of free people for gold, fight it, thereby helping to destroy whole countries along with the gold mining industry. The book highlights the betrayal of gold-rich Switzerland. The author condemns gold “hedging,” gold market manipulation by governments and bullion banks, fiat money and debt. He concludes that only a gold standard can return an ailing world economy to its full potential, reduce unemployment, help restore law and order, and help to secure peace and freedom for mankind.

The book Gold Wars is extraordinary. It will be a classic. It is past, present and future—not only for and about gold but about society and what hope there is for liberty.  At last you will understand what the gold standard really was, and why politicians make war on gold. You will want fifty copies for your best friends, press and politicians.  Gold Wars, the best book ever written about gold.
Harry D. Schultz (Int’l Harry Schultz Letter)


About the Book

Table of Contents:

  • Part I – The triumph of gold from the dawn of civilization and through the centuries.

  • Part II – In the 1930s, FDR ramps up the gold wars by stealing gold from the American people.

  • Part III – With the help of the Gold Pool and the historic fraud of “Special Drawing Rights” (SDRs), central banks attempt to hide the flaws of the Bretton Woods dollar standard by disposing the people’s patrimony—gold.

  • Part IV – The gold rush of the 1970s proves gold stronger than governments.

  • Part V – Governments’ anti-inflation policies lead to a bear market in gold in the 1980s, again proving gold’s historic importance as an economic barometer.

  • Part VI – With the help of governments, in the 1990s, the gold war enters its most destructive phase. Central banks’ selling and lending of gold depresses the price of gold. Under the manipulative guidance of bullion and investment banks, irresponsible hedging by some large gold mining companies threatens to put the gold mining industry out of business.

  • Part VII – The banking elite and proponents of  the one-world–one-government–one-fiat-money-currency idea use Switzerland, the holder of the world’s largest gold hoards, to deliver what they hope will be a fatal blow to gold. The Swiss don’t notice. The economies of Africa’s gold producing countries are undermined.

  • Epilogue – The European central banks’ so-called Washington Agreement of 1999 shows that at least part of the world no longer accepts the American gold dictate. A renaissance of gold’s power is visible.

Gold Wars will (further) acquaint you with the following important facts:

As the central banks are selling off their best asset at rock-bottom prices, gold is increasingly hoarded by private buyers. These knowledgeable people know that when fiat currencies are discredited, the politicians will be left with no choice except to establish an new international monetary system based on gold.  – Because those “in the know” want to buy gold as cheaply as possible, an extremely successful worldwide media caused the masses of people to be misinformed about gold. – For over 40 years, beginning with Gold Pool, official and unofficial circles have done everything to keep the price of gold under pressure, causing great damage to the gold mining companies by forcing them to sell their gold too cheaply.  – A new gold standard is the only hope for a durable and healthy recovery of the world economy and for the future survival of mankind.

 Critical Acclaim

Here is what people are saying about Gold Wars:

“Gold, the sunlike shining yellow metal that has the quality of being incorruptible is an adequate metaphor for that inner kernel in humans about which we need to become conscious during our lifetime.”

Prof. Dr. sc. techn. T. Abt
Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich, Switzerland

“I have known Ferdinand Lips since 1994 and those tumultuous days of the ‘Randgold Revolution’ which changed the face of the South African gold mining industry. The group of men that led that change were, and for most part still are, archetypes of the term ‘Gold Bull.’ Mr. Lips strongly believes that gold is the only currency that politicians can’t print or create. This is a concept, having lived and worked in Africa my whole life, I have come to appreciate.

History has proved time and again that gold is an effective counter to excessive risk. A scholar of monetary policy and a vociferous promoter of the gold standard, in this book Mr. Lips presents a very well researched and passionate analysis of financial and monetary history. The book comes at a perfect time; never before has the future been so difficult to predict and the civilized world been so vulnerable to politics, minority pressure groups and fanatics. Understanding more of the past might well help us to successfully navigate the future.

‘Gold and freedom are inseparable’— this is the thesis of Gold Wars, a manuscript that I recommend every modern day business person should read!”

Dr. D. Mark Bristow, PhD, Chief Executive Officer
Randgold Resources

“In Gold Wars, Ferdinand Lips takes on what is probably the most talked about and least understood subject of the times, money. He is to be admired as he has performed an important task to provide understanding of this vital subject, moving through history, to recent developments, to his own experiences as a Swiss banker. It is his long career in banking that lends vitality and clarity to his text. He maintains a sharp focus by his use of extensive quotations from writers and bankers, many of whom were his friends, men who tried to show the way for sound money and banking and the folly of the decisions that were being made.

In contrast, he includes the words of other financial and political leaders, those who instituted the monetary policies that have lead to the serious monetary problems the world now faces. The earnestness of his endeavor is clear as he concludes, “The Gold War is nothing else than a Third World War. It is not only a most unnecessary but the most destructive of all wars. It should be stopped now” Indeed, this is a different kind of war story, fascinating and on-going. Gold Wars is valuable reading.”

Elizabeth Currier, President
Committee for Monetary Research and Education

Gold Wars is must reading for anyone who wants to understand the genesis of the unfolding debacle in the financial markets. Herr Lips, a former Rothschild executive and private banker in Switzerland with a career spanning more than fifty years, has brought his unique perspective and insight to bear in describing the rigging of the global monetary system and the betrayal of the Swiss nation.”

Robert K. Landis, Esq.
Golden Sextant Advisors, LLC

Gold Wars is an absolute ‘must read’ for anyone who is concerned about his financial future. It is appropriate that Ferdinand Lips, a former Rothschild executive and a private banker in Switzerland who has spent 50 years dealing with money to confirm that the world’s monetary system has been rigged to plunder the savings of ordinary people worldwide for the benefit of a small financial elite.”

Larry Parks, Executive Director of the Foundation for the Advancement of Monetary Education, author of What Does Mr. Greenspan Really Think?

“For centuries governments and currencies have been underpinned by gold.  Countries and individuals measured their wealth in gold.  The western United States of America, South Africa and much of Australia, to name only a few examples, owed their development and much of their prosperity to the discovery and mining of gold.

Today many financiers would have us believe that gold is simply another commodity, that it no longer can be regarded as a store of wealth.  Ferdinand Lips in his book, aptly named Gold Wars, demonstrates that this concept is not only fallacious, but also dangerous.

Countries have been, and are being, built on the back of gold mining certain international and governmental agencies seek to control gold and its price for their own ends.  Gold Wars shows why they should not succeed and what the consequences will be if they do.  This book is required reading for anyone interested in monetary stability.”

Dr.  Aubrey L. Paverd, Ph.D.

“The word “extra-ordinary” should be used carefully. And that’s what this book is. It will be a classic. It is past, present & future — not only for & about gold but about society & what hope there is for stability & liberty. At last you will understand what the gold standard really was. And why politicians make war on gold. the book is properly titled. When you have read this book, you will understand gold & more about human nature. Mr. Lips makes the history of gold come alive & will enthuse you to join the war for the sake of freedom, free markets & social peace. You will want 50 copies for your best friends, press & politicians.”

Chevalier Harry D. Schultz
International Harry Schultz Letter

Ferdinand Lips (Deceased)

Born in Switzerland in 1931, Ferdinand Lips, was a well-established and respected authority on gold and the gold market. His roots were in banking where he started his career, and became a co-founder and a managing director of Rothschild Bank AG in Zurich.

In 1987 he opened his own bank, Bank Lips AG, also in Zurich. He retired in 1998 when he sold his equity interest in the bank. Not being one to sit around idly, Mr. Lips continued to be very active in the banking, gold and financial fields. He was on the Board of various companies, among them African gold mining companies. He was also a Trustee of the Foundation for the Advancement of Monetary Education ( in New York.

He has written two books previously (Das Buch der Geldanlage in 1981 and Geld, Gold und die Wahrheit in 1991). Gold Wars is his third book and expresses his views on gold, the gold standard and the gold exchange standard as well as the various attempts to manipulate gold and eventually push it aside. As a Swiss, he dedicated an important part of the book to the events leading up to the partial, but substantial, sale of Swiss gold reserves.


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